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PURL & POEM is a personal project of mine where I have have put together a small collection of yarns. Fibers with special characteristics that suit the milder climates of Mallorca, tweed yarns with beautiful texture or two strand cake yarns to make your own combinations. But also a small selection of hand spun or naturally hand dyed yarns that have my signature and somehow track my own fiber journey, which I want to share with all of you.

The name PURL & POEM makes tribute to my two passions: knitting and poetry. In both acts there is rhythm involved while creating with words or with fibers a poem or a garment. But there is also feeling caught up in form of colors and texture or in the sound and meaning of words. The sensations that arise in me while letting the fiber run through my fingers or how I get amazed by the vibrations of colors are equal to me to the emotions that emerge by reading a sequence of words put together by writers and poets.
I have carefully chosen a name for each color of yarn that corresponds to the title of a poem, which I invite you to read some day. I will create in the next future a Purl & Poem mini blog, where you will be able to read some of these poems I like so much.

In the meantime enjoy the yarns and hopefully "purl a nice poem" with them.

PURL & POEM es el nombre de mi pequeño gran proyecto personal: mi colección de lanas. En esta selección podréis encontrar fibras con las características idóneas para adaptarse al clima suave de Mallorca; lanas tweed con una textura espectacular y también ovillos con dos hebras para que hagáis vuestras combinaciones. Además, también he querido incluir una pequeña selección de madejas hiladas y teñidas a mano por mí misma y que, de algún modo, representan mi relación con las fibras y que, de esta forma, comparto con el mundo. 

En el nombre PURL & POEM he querido unir mis dos pasiones: el punto y la poesía. Y para cada uno de los colores he escogido el título de alguno de los poemas que más me gustan. 

Abajo encontraréis más datos sobre la composición y colores de cada tipo. Si os apetece tejer un poema con alguna de estas madejas, por favor, escribidme un mail a openstudio79@ono.com. 


Unique : limited edition of hand spun yarns
From Nature: small batches of hand dyed fibers with colors extracted from nature

Summer Wool: 55% Merino and 45% Cotton -  2ply lace yarn spun in Turkey
Into the Wild: 70% Wool and 30% Mohair blend spun in Ireland
Better Together: 95% Extra Fine Lambswool and 5% Cashmere - 2 strands 2 ply yarn spun in Italy (coming soon)

Below you will find some more information and color palettes.  Please send me an email if you are interested in any of them and my apologizes that I do not have my online store set up yet.


Summer Wool is a Lace yarn that combines the cosines of Merino and the softness of cotton. It comes in 19 fresh colors ideal to knit light shawls, tops, summer pullover or baby garments. It is spun in Turkey as a 2ply yarn and can be knit using a single strand for lacy garments or double for more thickness. The stitch definition is very nice and it is also great for color work. It can be washed in a delicate cycle in the machine with cold water or of course, for better care, by hand.
These are the 19 colors you can choose from:


Into the Wild is a beautiful Tweed yarn spun in Ireland with an extraordinary color palette. A blend of Wool and Mohair and little colored flecks of wool which give this yarn an amazing color vibration.
The yarn can be knitted single or double allowing you to create your own combinations of textures. It still contains some spinning oil, which makes the fiber look slimmer. Once washed with water and soap it blooms beautifully and the halo of the mohair comes to expression. It is a great yarn for pullover, mittens or hats with cables and stitch patterns, but also perfect for color work knitted plain in stockinette stitch. It is so beautiful that nothing can go wrong.
These are the colors I have chosen for you.


A special edition of hand spun yarns.  Each hank is unique in it's texture, fiber and color. I love to experiment with different fleeces (eco merino from Uruguay, Blue Faced Leicester from Britain, Mohair locks from Spain, fabric or paper strips, plant matter or even seaweed! ) and incorporate here and there a splash of color or texture into the fiber.
These hand spun yarns are great to incorporate as textured accents into a garment or accessorize. They are also amazing resources for weavers or textile designers or any type of makers, who like to work with special fibers and unique yarns.


Nature offers us amazing colors with so much depth and richness in tones, even with subtle color shades. As the water is a precious good here in Mallorca I do not pretend to dye big quantities of fiber, but I love to share my dye experiments with you and pass on my passion for natural colors.

As fiber yarn bases I have been using  DK and Fingering Organic Falkland Merino & Silk, Alpaca & Silk Lace yarn, but soon there will be more blends coming.
All dyes are extracted from plants that I collect at my walks in Mallorca's landscapes as nettle, sour grass, Queen Anne's lace, eucalyptus, or Avocado skin and pits from my neighbors healthy juice bar. The indigo dyed fibers have been dipped into my indigofera tinctoria & fructose vat.


A special mention to Maggy from The Positive Space who has done such a beautiful job with the logo and labels of Purl & Poem. Thank you for your patience with me and for capturing my ideas with such a clean, simple and elegant look. We have designed the labels with a little hole in order that you can attach a string of yarn to it and it will help you recall each yarns specifications, gauge and care.

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