Clouds and letters / Lace

Clouds and letters / Lace


A indigo dyed mohair yarn with a beautiful halo. Lightness and elegance are the characteristics of this mohair lace yarn. You will feel like being in a cloud of cosiness. Knit it as it is or combined with a fingering weight yarn. Also be playful with the needle size, you can use larger needles for a lace shawl or even a semi translucent sweater.

Please notice that your fingers or knitting needles might get blue when knitting with indigo. This is due to the way the indigo particles attach to the fiber and some of them get loose by friction. You can wash your hands with a bit of soap after to remove the blue, but your wooden knitting needles might get stained.

Hand dyed with colors from NATURE and love.

  • Lace weight

  • 70% Kid Mohair / 30% Silk

  • 50grs. - 420m

  • Suggested Needle size: 3 - 4 mm

  • Hand wash at cool temperature. Dry flat

The yarn has been washed at our studio but sometimes it may happen that it stains slightly the water at the first wash. It should not affect final result of the knitted piece though. Natural colors may mature with time and shift in color. Keep them out of direct sunlight.

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