Into the Wild / Fingering

Into the Wild / Fingering


A rustic but elegant tweed yarn that comes in many colors to combine for knitting colorwork or on it’s own. This single ply fine fingering weight yarn can be knitted with one strand or taking two strands as a light worsted weight yarn. The yarn comes with a bit spinning oil, therefore it is important to wash the swatch when knitting a sample. Once dry it blooms beautifully and becomes softer. This yarn is very durable ideal for sweater, hats, mittens or shawls.

  • 70% Wool / 30 % Mohair

  • 50grs - 200 m

  • single ply

  • Suggested Needle Size for one strand: 2.25 - 3.25mm

  • Suggested Needle Size for double strand: 4.25 - 5mm

  • Wash to remove spinning oil before or after knitting

    We ship the yarns already winded in cakes for you to start knitting right away. Anyway if you prefer hanks, please let us know ahead.

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