Amirisu / Issue 18 S-2019

Amirisu / Issue 18 S-2019


Amirisu is a very special Knitting and craft magazine created in Tokyo, Japan. With a very curated look and photography. It offers unique patterns written in English by international designers and craft tutorials. Patterns can also be downloaded with a code. (*)

This edition incorporates a craft guide to Sydney and Melbourne, fiber artist interviews, a Balloon Skirt sewing project, Matcha Waffles recipe, a Baby Hedgehog Pompom tutorial …. plus 12 pattern:

  • · Katrin Schneider / Tilea

  • Sachiko Burgin / Monstera

  • Amirisu / Tiger Lily

  • Amirisu / Lucy

  • Alice Caetano / Koushi

  • Kiyomi Burgin / Kiyo

  • Paula Pereira / Mio

  • Megumi Sawada / Vita

  • Veronika Jobe / Kapua

  • Amirisu / Escher

  • Miyuki Watanabe / Fuwafuwa

  • Annestrick / Momoko

(*) Importing magazines from Japan has expensive shipping rates to Mallorca and taxes related to customs. I have priced these magazines strictly with my cost , without any profit margin. Just for you and the joy of having them at OS79.

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