+ Are natural dyes wash and light resistant?


The chemistry of natural dyes is complex and involves mordants for a better binding of the natural color pigments to the fiber. We use alum, a non toxic mordant, to guarantee a better wash and light fastness of our hand dyed textiles and yarn.


There are many dyes, but some have better lightfastness than others. We like to work a lot with dyes that are proved to have good lightfastness in combination with the right mordant as : Alkanet, Brazilwood, Chamomile, Cochineal, Cutch, Gallnut, Goldenrod, Indigo, Logwood in combination with iron, Madder, Marigold, Pomegranate, Walnut, Weld, Woad... but we also like working and experimenting with local plants, which do not have so many studies, but they are very important to us for their regional or local value.


For a better care and conservation just avoid direct sunlight when drying your natural dyed fibers. Of course you can wear your scarf or pullover in the sun, but do not leave it for hours. In general every dye suffers from sunlight, just think about the car paint that fades over time. Some dyes will mature and shift their colors a little bit, but embrace it as something special... as they are alive.

+ How do I wash and take care of my natural dyed textiles?


You can wash our natural fiber textiles with a ph neutral soap separately in lukewarm water. Some of the dyes may bleed a bit and stain slightly the water. Give it another rinse if this happens. Some dyes are also very sensitive to ph and may shift a bit in color when washing in hard or very soft water. Also be careful not to splash lemon juice or vinegar on them while wearing. Be careful also with perfums and deodorants. Try no to spray directly on them.


Dry them out of direct sunlight and store them away from direct light if you do not use them. Use our packaging box for example:) This way you will avoid excessive fading.

Iron them on medium heat or if you prefer a wrinkled texture, dry them squeezed in a ball.

+ How do I wash a knitted garment with Purl & Poem yarns?


Use ph neutral soap and submerge the knitted piece in cool or lukewarm water (not more than 30ºC). Do not agitate or squeeze, just move gently. Repeat another time in case of using Into the Wild yarn (as it still contains spinning oil).


Squeeze gently when taking out of the water, lay on a towel, roll the towel and make pressure on it to remove excess water. Lay flat on a dry towel and put into shape leaving it until completely dry.

+ How do I sign up for a workshop?


We list our workshops at our agenda and online shop, where you can purchase a ticket.


If for any reason Open Studio 79 has to cancel a workshop we will refund you the money.

If you can not assist to our workshop you need to inform us at least 3 days in advance and in that case we will refund you the money.

+ Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us if you have any specific question. We will be very pleased to help you. Contact us :)