With Intention

Reconnecting with the beauty of nature


Nature offers us a myriad of colors in form of pigments, in it’s flowers, berries, leaves or barks.

Creating with natural color allows us to reconnect with the beauty of nature and the value of the landscape, and it’s seasons around us.

The journey of transferring color on textiles, papers or yarns is a magical process that results in unique things with a vibrant energy, and life.


A Magical Process.

The process is slow, but always exciting.

It involves observing nature and it’s seasons.

Collecting, with care and respect.

Taking only the necessary dye material, using organic food or plant waste as a resource to extract pigments.

The amazing shades that are result of many layers of color and alchemy, applying rust, changing the PH level to modify the dye are what we end up creating after this process that involves chemistry, nature, love and sensibility.



Each piece of fabric or hand-dyed yarn is unique, never the same.

It is telling a story about landscapes and seasons, capturing moments of being, and the beautiful energy of nature.

Nature is so full of color. Let her (me) surprise you
— Tatiana Sarasa, Founder of Open Studio 79